Digital X-Rays differ from traditional dental X-rays in that the image reflects on a flat, electron pad or sensor instead of onto physical film. This means that, instead of having to develop physical X-ray film in a darkroom, the X-ray image is sent directly to a computer, which Dr. Balota can view immediately. This is a simpler and faster way to take dental X-rays!


When compared to traditional dental X-rays, there are some clear benefits of digital X-rays. These benefits include:

  • The X-ray is available to view immediately, instead of having to wait to develop film
  • Less radiation is required to produce the image (up to 70% less radiation than traditional X-rays)
  • The digital image can be enhanced to view certain areas more clearly
  • Digital X-rays can be digitally archived, or stored, on the computer
  • Larger images can be produced, allowing us to see cavities or other small problems more easily
  • Lastly, digital X-rays are more environmentally friendly than traditional X-rays

In addition to the above benefits, digital X-rays are also more comfortable for the patient, and can be easily transferred to specialists in the event that you need a referral.

Here at Balota Family Dentistry, we are proud to offer digital X-ray technology and the benefits that go along with it. For more information about digital X-rays and how they differ from traditionally ones, please feel free to contact our Colorado Springs, CO dental office.

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